M2 SISTEMI | Management solutions

Our business solutions

We specialize in making managerial solutions
for the customer to measure. Each of our products will be adapted to your needs.

for the corporate management

Customized software that allows independence, autonomy, cost effectiveness and investment protection over time.

for the point of sale management

Ideal solution for the management of any store, even the most diverse and complex.

for the management of the restoration

Software with simple and clean graphics to speed the management processes, through use of a simple PC Touch Screen and comfortable tablet of smaller dimensions.

Why choose it?

Wess.Net is a management software ready to use and at the same time a programmable infrastructure. An application platform designed to overcome the limitations of traditional management and to allow for independence, autonomy and investment protection over time. It makes available to companies, software houses and advisors a comprehensive set of tools with which you can model the software application on the real operational needs of a company, combining safety, reliability, economy, flexibility and programmability in a single platform software.

It is a management solution built on standard technologies market, guaranteeing technological independence from the manufacturer and advisers as that on it create customizations and new solutions. Meets the criteria of economy is being adopted that in the process of adaptation to business needs, because it developed for operating systems, relational database system infrastructure and the large circulation.

It is a "green software, paper-less office oriented" with all integrated, including Mail, PDF and archiving DIGITAL. Its interface based essentially on navigable grids makes it accessible from the first moments of use. Any list, processing, statistics, reports can be consulted on-screen without printing needs on paper.

The company adopting Wess.Net immediately have all the features necessary to its operations and may further shape the software based on their own specific needs as they arise.

Wess.Net is the field demonstration of how a management application can be totally controlled from the outside (intervening with scripting) and consequently can be modified and adjusted where appropriate. The software vendor can meet customer demands, the customer can rely on the flexibility of the software.

The best of WESS.NET

The company adopting Wess.Net, immediately have all the necessary capabilities to its operations and may further shape the software based on their own specific needs as they arise, because with Wess.Net, finally, it is possible to abandon the search for a management "suitable" to your needs, by switching to the real and concrete "adaptability of the software".

1 Flexibility and
2 Ease
of use
3 Digital
4 Multi-criteria
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