M2 SISTEMI | Personalized solutions

The phases for your solutions

The M2 Sistemi guarantees the quality and competence of products sold and the after-sales of them.
The solutions we follow a comprehensive process in order to better meet customer requirements.



It defines the objective of the project to be realized to measure for the customer



It processes the request complying with the customer's choices


Function Test

It verifies the functionality of the product produced


Publishing and delivery

It ends with the delivery of the finished product as per customer request

The right solution for you

The M2 SISTEMI follows with great professionalism its customers, public and private, especially companies that have an interest to have a management software tailored, reflecting the company's needs.


CRM introduces a new approach to the market that puts the customer and not the product to the business center.
The CRM is used by firms to identify and manage the acquired customer profiles and potential, as well as to develop activities and strategies that on the one hand help to capture new customers and maximize profits on the other loyal customers, trying to understand the needs and expectations.

  • Operational CRM: CRM customer-facing applications that support the back office for order management, front office for sales force automation and automation of corporate marketing and mobile office for support to agents' activities and for other support services.
  • Analytical CRM: indicates the phase of data collection and data analysis, which allows you to organize the knowledge to support management decisions
  • Collaborative CRM: allows you to build custom reports with the client through the many channels available. It consists of all the different communication tools with which a customer may interact, such as e-mail, phone calls, faxes, web pages.
  • POINT OF STRENGTH: Geolocation. The geolocation of CRM is to place each company on a map, so you can see which companies are in the area, or you can filter a search for local companies.

M2 SISTEMI offers a cutting-edge software to send e-mail but also via SMS using the internet. With ADV MAIL & SMS program that we present to you on this page you can also send thousands of e-mail or text message within seconds! The ADV advantage is that by importing your customer database (for example), this will be also available to other companies, and likewise you will have available the databases of other companies that use ADV in this way you will have the opportunity to broaden your range of contacts for sending information related to your business. And contact them is much easier than it seems, you'll just have to write the text of the message and decide which database send it: the rest will think our platform.

  • Master data management: to each contact you can assign additional information based on the needs of your business
  • Always send text messages and e-mails to the most interested customers thanks to the profiling of the database functions, database management and sending groups
  • ADV MAIL & SMS is designed to adapt to any business
  • Customize the sender of the messages by entering the name of your company
  • Send advertising or informational email about your activities

Webroker is indespensabile for insurance agencies and brokerage firms who want complete control of their business. Years of experience and expert advice insurers, have led us to an in-depth knowledge of issues in the insurance world and to develop a simple and intuitive product order to be able to better manage.

  • Customer management: careful management of customers and their personal data.
  • Management Policies: You can archive and search of all the policies associated with each customer.
  • Deadlines and profiles management: List of policies paid by the customer but not yet covered the company.
  • Deposit-Balance: status list of practices. The advances and balances with research in a span of time or for the company.
  • Control deadlines: this window allows countless search for expiring policies.

The software for the efficient and modern management of employee attendance. The only software for market attendance fully realized in web technology, so accessible from anywhere with any kind of Internet/Intranet access, which allows the detection and optimal management of the presence also of all the companies/entities with decentralized functions, then with more headquarters, branch offices, stores, construction sites throughout the area.

  • Menage via web detecting presence/absence in complete autonomy
  • No software installation is needed at the same branch
  • You can customize the configuration of the software and manage calculation formulas for getting a solution perfectly in keeping with its corporate reality.
  • "Attendance sheet" is created automatically by the software based on the time standard per employee, enables the provision of theoretical hours worked for each day

It is a system that allows you to view your local menu of elegant and comfortable tablet PC. The system has been designed to support or replace paper menu; Customers can capture all the information on the menu through images and descriptions of your choice.

  • The system allows you to display the local menu of elegant tablet with pictures and detailed charts
  • They provide the customer with detailed information on the plates, the desserts, the drinks, wines, etc. with information sheets containing ingredients, combinations, various warnings and information
  • Pleasantly entertains its customers while waiting ordination and speeds the procedure
  • It decreases the workload on the staff
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