M2 SISTEMI | Electronic invoicing

What is eletronic invoicing?

Electronic invoicing consists in the production, transmission and storage of invoices through a standardized and certified digital system aimed at generating documents in the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) digital format, an IT language that allows to define and control the meaning of the elements contained in a document.

  • The invoice is originated electronically and subsequently signed digitally
  • The digital signature ensures integrity and authenticity to the document
  • A further signature and a temporal mark applied subsequently guarantee its preservation in accordance with the dedicated electronic archive
  • The electronic invoice is kept for a period of ten years
  • Electronic invoices represent an innovative resource for the guarantees of authenticity offered


The Budget Law 2018 has transformed into an obligation that currently represents an option for billing between private parties: from next year, all services and the sale of "business to business" assets between resident and identified VAT subjects in Italy, they must be documented by issuing electronic invoices.



From 2019 professionals and companies will be required to create, sign, transmit and store electronic invoices issued to other private parties. These documents must pass through the Exchange System (SDI) managed by the Inland Revenue and aimed at receiving invoices, verifying the format and contents and then forwarding them to the recipient.

The electronic invoice in Wess.Net


The integrated full-service in Wess.Net takes care of all the tasks related to electronic invoices:

  • Digital signature
  • Sending invoices to the Interchange System (SDI)
  • Receipt of invoices-supplier
  • Acquisition of notifications and outcomes from SDI
  • Substitute storage

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+39 0172 371129


As a result, the customer-final:


  • It has no burden on the billing front
  • It does not need to be equipped with a digital signature key or smart-card
  • It has complete process automation for both the invoices issued and the invoices received
  • It is guaranteed to comply with the tax obligations inherent to the replacement storage
  • It has a unique "console" to manage electronic invoices and to monitor outcomes / communications coming from the interchange system



Generate, send and receive XML files


XML files are generated automatically when each invoice / credit note is issued / saved. No operation is required by the end user. The operations of sending active invoices, receiving passive invoices and receiving all related notifications can be automated in various ways (SQL Server jobs, scheduled Windows operations).

The XML files of the invoices issued, before being sent to the SDI, are subject to adequacy checks. The files that pass the checks are forwarded to the SDI (exchange system managed by the Inland Revenue) subject to digital signature. At the end of the process, the files are subjected to substitutive archiving according to current legislation (conservation for 10 years).


When electronic invoices
are to be sent?

The Inland Revenue has declared that electronic invoices must be transmitted within 24 hours from the execution of the operation, but considering that the invoice file does not contain an emission time that allows to establish how many hours have passed since it was issued , it is advisable that the invoices arrive at the SDI by midnight on the day of issue.

How to send electronic

In Wess.Net it is possible to completely automate the mailings without any user interaction. Automation modes depend on individual installations. As an alternative it is possible to proceed with a manual submission with a click or to automate the sending at the end of Wess.Net.

How many types of electronic
invoice exist?

There are two types of electronic invoices:
  • PA: Invoices issued to public bodies, otherwise also defined B2G (Business to Government) or B2A (Business to Administration);
  • FE: Invoices issued / received between private companies or issued to individuals (private individuals), normally defined as B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer).

It is possible to replace an electronic invoice
already sent to the SDI?

The SDI provides for the possibility to re-send an invoice only in case of waste or rejection by the customer. A discarded invoice can be replaced within 5 days from the date of notification of the difference. In other cases the invoice re-sent will be discarded as "duplicate invoice". In all cases it is always possible to issue a credit note on the invoices issued.
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