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Why choose an e-commerce?


of italian internet users purchasing online


increase for smartphone sales via internet in 2014


user has used the search engines as a source to define a puirchaise

E-commerce for companies

Nowadays, where millions of users connect to the Web every day, if you are not online is easy that your activities remain unknown to many potential customers. An online store is open 24 hours on 24 and 365 days a year, so it is consulted daily by each visitor. In contrast to a regular store, the online gives you great visibility. In the web you can sell locally, nationally and internationally. The M2 Sistemi, thanks to the experience gained over time, is formed by a team of experts in the creation of e-commerce, and so realize your online store using Magento. Magento has become a landmark in this area. It is an open-source platform PHP and MySQL with a solid and complex structure, highly customizable, easy to learn and use for the management of the shop.

We will deal with you to design a business project, starting from a market analysis in which we will evaluate the features that the site be taken for potential customers, analyze later the saleability of the product and the choices of competitors and finally define the adaptations necessary to make the online store known and chosen.

For the design of an online store, we start from the analysis of the composition of the company, the characteristics of products at its disposal, and the industry in which it appears. In the creation of the store, imagine the potential client that accesses this website, what kind of experience would want to live. In this way those who visit the website you will find comfortable and find it easier to navigate through the pages of this online shop.

The content of the website we will try to manage it better because it is what convinces a user to buy a particular product. We will make your online store considering the bid management and discount coupons, products will be in a defined order and will be renewed periodically with the lists of products and shipments. The promotional measures will be integrated and aligned to web marketing campaigns in progress.

A very important part in concluding the website is to make the positioning on the major search engines, because positioning it, making up among so many others in the first pages of the search engines your online store becomes more competitive, and to do that we use more competitive words, most used, all those words that potential customers type in to find.

Labor standards we work with are high and this is critical in the management of an e-commerce. We manage logistics and shipping fully outsourced. The collaboration with the logistics specialists and integration with company management allow us to guarantee fast response times to the needs of end customers.

It is cheaper


It's more comfortable


It's more easier


You can compare prices and models

Magento is an open-source CMS distributed under license Open Software License 3.0 and is used to create e-commerce sites. It can be used on any server that supports PHP 5 with minimum support from a MySQL database. Despite being very recent (released around the middle of 2008) it is currently the most powerful and comprehensive software for the creation and management of e-commerce sites. Magento is compatible with all major web browsers, has its own management of the discounts that can be fixed to some users, allows more URL rewrite allowing better positioning in search engines, has a multilingual support for those who want to translate pages of your store to expand its customer base to other countries, possesses the complete management of multiple stores from a single control panel. It also includes a panel dedicated specifically to orders, invoices and shipments and our shipping policies are customizable.
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